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[Video] Fantastic video on granulation

We found this on youtube and thought we would share with the rest of
the group.

Tom and Donna 

Great video thanks for sharing. Id love to do a little more
granulation myself so have a few questions as my first attempt was a
little shitty :slight_smile:

  • does using a glue (hide glue right)? actually help the process of
    fusing? or is it simply to keep the beads in place? also any
    recommendations on brands

  • the gold dust - looks really interesting, does anyone have any
    opinions on that?

  • is fusing 22kt gold easier than fusing fine silver or argentium?

  • what surface do you use to fuse on? i noticed the fine grate /
    almost mesh he was using.

Cheers guys

Thanks for sharing the video, Lucy. I am not an authority so what I
have is gathered from others who are. Unfortunately I don’t remember
where I got the glue recipe from, but I know it works. For
granulating with fine silver, use 10 drops of distilled water, 2
drops of liquid flux and one drop of hide glue, I use Titebond,
available at my local Ace Hardware (where I also get De-SolvIt which
is great for removing gooey stuff like packing tape residue, wax,

Rhonda Coryell has videos where she does granulation using Argentium
sterling. No glue is needed, just flux. If you use Argentium, and
want to do granulation (it’s a little easier than granulating fine
silver), then this is IMHO a great DVD set with good photoshots,
step-by-step instructions, tips and tricks.

She sells it on her web site:

I’d love to take one of her classes, but the video is the next best
thing In general I think jewelers have patience, but even among this
group, some extra patience is needed for granulation.