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Video copy of "The Complete Metalsmith"

Does anyone know where I could purchase a video copy of “The Complete
Metalsmith”? I am trying to locate one for a rock and gem club in
Salt Lake City, Utah.

Best regards,

Try Borders Book Store. They are on line at I think,
if not just look them up on internet. I’ve seen the book recently so
you should be able to order it. If you’re near a Boarders Store, the
will order & no shipping fee.


ebay has a copy on right now and the #582413515 you will have to get
in the auction to bid on it but as of right now 10:35am EST the
bid was 23.75 hope this helps . Joe JODAPA ENTERPRIZES

Hello Jay. Rio Grande carries Tim McCreight’s video" The Complete
Metalsmith". It is stock # 560-006 found on page 444 of the 2001
Tools book. Please call 1-800-545-6566 for more or if
you’d like to place an order.