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Victoria & Albert Jewellry Collection opening

Dear Fellow Orchidites-

We’ve just returned from attending the re-opening of the V&A’s new
jewelry exhibition.

With the donation of Patricia Goldstein’s collection (aptly named
New York dealer & collector) they’ve re-designed their famous
jewelry gallery to exhibit their 3,500 piece collection.

With the aid of a magnifying glass and a sketch book I spent the
better part of the day there. And plan to return again next week.

It is, by far, the greatest museum collection of jewelry in the
world. I will not attempt to describe the emotional roller-coaster
ride that I (and you) will experience. Just jack up the credit card,
go to London and prepare for an epiphany.

My advice is to visit the museum early on a week-day morning to
avoid the crush. It is an intimate setting and you’ll want time and
elbow room to appreciate the lot.

Cheers. Kim.

Haven’t been since they redid it, but the collection is awesome. I
was just as inspired by the holloware… really quite incredible.
My then 9 year old daughter spent an entire day sketching their
clothing collection - which is also incredible, but not, imho, worth
a whole day!!

Beth in SC