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Vicki Embrey-Hand problems

I believe you mean Dupuytren’s contracture. Unfortunately, I know the name
of the condition for a bad reason. I searched the Internet for medical
advice, went to see my doctor, and although he was impressed with my
French pronunciation, he declared that what I have is chronic tendonitis
of the right ring finger (and possibly left thumb). I actually have to
lift my finger up at times, it will not straighten out on its own. As an
artist, it is frightening. I will not take anti-inflammatory medication
and I’m attempting to heal myself “naturally”.

I have always been the great debunker but I am doing hot soaks,
self-massage, and I’m even using an ultra-sonic home unit. I’ve reached
the conclusion that whatever works is state-of-the-art and if hypnosis
would help, I’d try that. Desperation and pain can crack the facade of
even the most cynical person.

I will not, however, wear a copper ring or magnets. Even I have my

Marly Harris
Simi Valley, California

Marly, I am a long-time (22+ years) suffer of rheumatoid arthritis. I’ve
read with interest a lot of the early symptoms here that I suffered; I DO
take anti-inflammatory medications–Feldene and (cancer therapy drug)
methexotrate. They have stopped the deformity of my hands cold; I do have
swan-neck deformities on fingers of both hands; have had joint replacement
in little and ring fingers of left hand–but, with the medication, I have
been symptom-free for about 8 years now, and my hands function very well.
If I miss 2-3 doses of medicine, I can tell the difference, as pain creeps
in. Don’t debunk medications, please–they do help a lot of us–without
them, I’d be crippled.

Sharon Holt aka

Are we talking about the same thing?

I recently developed what my internist called trigger finger in the left
index finger. It locks either open or closed and snaps going back and
forth. Sometimes painfully so (I’m in denial, I shoot with the right
hand). Gets difficult sawing material.

Went to the orthopedic surgeon and got the customary cortisone injection.
Better but not cured. Surgeon says if cortisone does not cure the
problem, only surgery (he said with a smile) can remove the ‘bumps’ to
allow the tendon to slide in and out of the sheath. I guess that’s next.
Only consolation is belonging to Scripps, La Jolla Medical Group and
having access to the best Doctors around.

I just started a self-hypnosis class (for other reasons) and the subject
of pain alleviation came up. The hypnotherapist suggester 'visualization’
techniques for pain control rather than hypnosis. I can’t dispense
medicine or therapy nor would I presume too. The hypnotherapist
recommended “Healing Visualizations”, Dr. ? Epstein, M.D. Bill

dear Vicky… I sent your letter to my daughter so quick… She also has
rheumatoid arthritis and her wrists are"locked"… She does lots of
excersing to keep agile etc… But she suffers some days terribly… She
holds done a job and does great… I feel so terribly for her… Some days
she drags her right foot around. etc… so you see why I sent her your
letter… I hope you don’t mind… But anytime I find anything I try to send
it to her and she gets a lot off the internet… Thanks for sharing…