Vibratory Finisher

Dear Paula and Dennis, I was just flipping through a Frei & Borel
catalog (#C298) and on page 210, they list vibratory tumblers and
there is one, #147.787, with a 6 quart capacity that supposedly
can handle 100 ladies rings. It has a 0.2 cubic foot capacity, 18
lb. maximum load and an 11.5" diameter bowl. While donut bowled,
too, this machine has a significantly lower load capacity than
the one listed in the Gesswein catalog (14" diameter bowl that
can handle 50 lbs. of steel shot). It’s not as large or as heavy
duty a machine.

You really, really should check your owner’s manual or call the
supplier who sold you the machine for the operating specs. If
you underload it, you won’t get the proper action and results. If
you overload it, you could burn out the motor and totally destroy
your machine.

If your supplier can’t help you, look for the manufacturer’s
label on the machine and contact them directly for the specs.