Is anyone in Orchidland familiar with Vibrasonic tumblers. I have
the opportunity to buy a used one and would like feedback on
anyone’s experiences. Thanks, Joel

Joel Schwalb

Joel, We have a Vibrasonic at our Gem and Mineral Society in Ft.
Lauderdale. Inhereted it from a defunct rock shop. It is old but
still runs well…well, it runs. We have both the large top barrel
(I think it holds about 30 lbs) as well as smaller twin barrels but
have not used them as yet. The machines really does work quite well
except for the noise. It is terrific. We are located in a local
Natural History Museum’s shop and found the noise so loud, we could
not run it for more than an hour or so. Tried putting a cardboard
box over it but it heated up and stretched the belts…now we have
to get new belts. I remember visiting a kakui nut factory in HI once
and they polished the nuts in Vibrasonics. They had 4 of them and
put them in a well ventilated and sound proofed room!! If you have a
place you can run them, they do a great job. Cheers from Don at The
Charles Belle Studio in SOFL where simple elegance IS fine jewelry!