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Vibrasonic silver polishing from start to finish


I would like to try finishing my silver pieces in a tumbler, but am
not sure about the process. There has been much discussion here, but
none have covered the process from start to finish i.e.

-I have a small vibrasonic, how much stainless shot would I need.

-at what stage, or how much hand finishing do you have to do before

-how long do you leave the pieces in the tumbler

-do you need to final polish by hand or do they come out polished?

Thank you in advance for your help.



as i mentioned in earlier post first buy the book by judy hoch Tumble
Finishing… from Rio. then you will have the info needed to
experiment. i have my barrel tumbler humming along right far
so good. there is no one way. be prepared to spend some bucks seems
worth to me for my detail silver cuffs