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Vertical Platinum Casting Machine

Been Cleaning House on my Hard Drive. Here is the on
operation and Maintaince of The Vertical Platinum Casting Machine . I
am glad to find this. I printed out several hard copies .

Contenti This is the text version of the PDF file Operating
Instructions for Model No. 170-008 Platinum Casting Machine

Page 1 Contenti Installation This machine is completely assembled and
ready to use when removed from the shipping carton. It is important
that this casting machine be secured to a flat and level bench or
table. The cross arm must be balanced. To balance the cross arm
properly, place an inverted flask and a crucible in their proper
positions. Bring the cross arm to a horizon- tal position and balance
with the weight at the end opposite the casting flask and the
crucible. To be sure of proper balance, jar the machine by hand. If
it is not balanced, the heavy end will drop slowly. Adjust the weight
accordingly. Without proper balance, the entire machine will vi-
brate and may spill molten metal during casting. Casting Allow 1/2"
between the pattern and the top end of the casting flask when
investing. Strength in the investment at that point is essential to
prevent it from being pulled out the back of the flask in the casting
machine. Do not over heat investment while burning out : it is apt to
crack. Thus weak- ened, it might be pulled out of the flask. Be sure
the investment does not protrude beyond the end of the flask. A flat
end flask will hold more se- curely against the back plate. Because of
the high melting point of platinum (3225 0 F) it is necessary to heat
the invested flasks to 1600 0 F to obtain a good casting. When metal
is at casting temperature in the crucible, remove the preheated
flask from your oven and place it into the casting arm. Release the
arm by depressing the release lever. Push down firmly to release the
cross arm for an exceptionally fast start. This fast start insures a
good casting. Maintenance A few drops of oil occasionally in the
lubrication hole in the shoulder support is the only lubrication
required. Ordering Information Item No. Description 170-008 Casting
machine with shield 170-008-02 10 oz. Wesgo D crucible 170-008-05
Adaptor for 3 oz. crucible 170-008-01 3 oz. Wesgo A crucible The
Contenti Company 123 Stewart Street, Providence, RI 02903 USA
401-421-4040 FAX:401-621-6279 Wind the arm, but do not exceed 1 + 1/2
turns of the arm. Turn 1 + 1/2 turns and push arm in while lifting the
release lever. Allow release lever to hold the arm in position. Do not
use lever to stop rotation of arm. Do not heat metal unless release
lever is fully engaged. Contenti

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