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Vermeil Plating Services?

We have a number of sterling silver findings and components that we
need to have vermeil plated with 14k gold.

Does anybody have a tip on a reasonably priced service to outsource
this to either domestically or overseas?

Here’s what we’re needing to plate:

150 Sterling Silver Hook and Eye Clasps
300 French Earwires
300 Headpins

If the price is right we may also have an assortment of other
connectors and components to do as well.

Any insights or tips would be greatly appreciated.

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Dante Amor
Shifting Sands Studios
Maui, Hawaii

you could buy your own equipment and do it yourself for the price
you will be charged to pay someone or you can buy those findings
already plated heck by the time you pay some one to plate and ship
all that stuff you could do them in solid gold for less. A plating
set up is only a couple hundred bucks and you can use it forever it
is real easy to do in less than ten minutes you can be set up and
plating then you can rhodium plate and do any color of gold you
want . Unless you are looking for hard plating which is much thicker
and more durable do it your self you will save a fortune. Just dont
drink the stuff it is syanide. You can get acid based stuff and it
works well to.

Kevin Potter

you can buy those findings already plated 

Not that I’ve been able to find. Remember I’m specifically after 14k
vermeil, not 22k.

Apart from the two pages Rio Grande offers, all of the vermeil I’ve
seen has featured the intense high karat yellows.

We’re in need of vermeil that will coordinate with our other solid
14k components.

If anyone has any leads on these types of findings already made, I’m
all ears. (earwires, headpins, various clasps, beads, and connectors)

And while I will definitely look into a plating system of our own,
I’m still interested in outsourcing if the price is reasonable
because we have our hands completely full already with design work.

Any and all additional tips will be much appreciated.

Maui, Hawaii