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Vermeil, or?

I have a customer who loves her earrings, and wants another pair in
gold, but can’t afford “solid”. I’ve never done plating, so I’m
wondering if there is someone out there who could plate silver
earrings for me (on a tight deadline, of course) or steer me to
someone to do it.

Barring that, can someone at least tell me what it should cost? Then
I can run it past my customer. Thanks!



To plate the earrings will roughly cost about $1.25 per gram. There
should be a platter in your area. You can try Red Sky Plating in
New Mexico but they have a $100 min.


Red Sky Plating

       Offers rack and barrel plating services. Finishes
       available in Gold, Rhodium, Platinum, Silver, Nickel,
       Copper, Tin, Tin-Lead Black Oxide, Sandadblasting,
       Anti-Tarnish Coatings and Plating On Plastics. Free
       consultation available. 

Help others make informed buying decisions with Red Sky Plating. We
welcome your opinions and experiences with their products, ordering,
customer service and and over all satisfaction.

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