Venting a torch for a classroom

I actually have an Amazon list of the things that you need to ventilate outside a window with ease. Here is the link:

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a school setting especially if there’s kids involved (oxymoron), requires all kinds of safety and health regulations and rules. working with fire, hot metal, fumes, acids, potentially toxic chemicals especially with kids presents incredible insurance and liability problems. It’s completely different from a home studio where you can keep yourself safe but not a whole bunch of others who may not follow the safety rules all of the time…fire proofing, burn avoidance safety, metal chips in eyes, you name it are further considerations beyond ventilation. Commercial outfits have the same liability and safety concerns also but have responsible adults at work, not kids who are just learning and push the limits… rules are made to be broken! These kinds of considerations have to be taken into account. A health and safety consultant is required!

Home studios are a different matter. If you injure yourself, it’s your own fault, or if you burn down your house… your home insurance may not like the idea of storing flamable gases or explosive gases within the home. a rider insuring expensive materials such as a stash of precious metals and gems is impossible to get or way cost prohibitive. It’s cheaper to rent a safety deposit box at a bank and access is totally inconvenient, nor is it cheap…

The first rule is not to burn the house down or burn yourself up or poison yourself…The next is not to get your stuff stolen in a burglary.

As far as school settings go I would like to relate an experience I had!
I signed up for an extension course for teachers that was about Foundry Casting. I wanted to gain experience with Bronze Castings for my Sculptures I had in my mind, I needed the experience. My first problem was I realized their furnace they melted in was all wrong! The top had been broken and replaced with 1/4 inch steel thick 15" diameter, 4" tall no refractory material!!! This lid would suck off all the heat a wouldn’t reach temp for melting bronze. The instructor wanted me to switch to aluminum.
I wasn’t happy but I was there and I forged ahead until an Old man that apparently taught electrical courses
At this school associated with The University of California Riverside
He wasn’t in the class, but he was on a mission to work on a project there with their ARC Welder.
He struck ARC Right There in the middle of class with no Shields and he is the only one with Eye Protection !!! 20 People all around him. I grabbed the Stinger out of his hands and started reading the Riot Act and telling all who would listen that even the reflection off the wall would Sun Burn Their Eye Balls.
The Instructor said “We try to work around each other around here”
I left and reported all of this the Next day at the Main Campus. Got my Refund. I did manage to study under a Very Knowledgeable Teacher at San Jose State UCSJ
Named Randy, He got part of his education in Europe, I was fortunate to have known him. I have attended jr college settings that had a special soldering station with a hood and different kinds of set ups to help soldering jobs, jigs beds etc.and that eliminated the dangers associated with close quarters and flames and fumes.

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