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My shop is generally well ventilated with a 900 CFM blower on my polishing hood exhausting through filters then directly outside. I have a standard stove hood exhaust fan over my soldering bench also exhausted outside. In both cases the run is less than four feet. I need to add what I will call spot ventilation to the bench spot where I do Delft clay casting and another bench spot where I run a pulse arc welder. These last two spots are only 3 feet apart and can be served by the same inlet hose if I design it to be movable. I have been looking at grow room exhaust fans. They typically are in the 200 CFM range with 3" or 4" slip connections. Running power is not a problem, I do it all the time. Does anyone have a better solution to this type of ventilation need? Thanks…Rob

Rob, I talked with a contractor I know who does remodels. He found a working stovetop downdraft and harvested it for me. I mounted it to a board, wired in a switch, and connected flexible dryer hose to both ends. I have it on a stand and can move it wherever I want. I put the output at a window and the inlet above or behind my equipment. I think the rated flow is in the 320 CFM range. It works great and was very inexpensive.

Craig…I hadn’t thought about a stove hood on wheels. Great idea…Rob