Ventilation Systems

Hello Orchid Members,

Can you help??? I have moved my studio and need to install a new
ventilation system. Does anyone have a good suggestion on ventilation
that work well but is not enormously expensive? I have two areas to
consider. One is near a window but the other would have to be vented
through the ceiling or a nearby wall about 4 feet away. I would
appreciate any tips on the best fans to buy and visual on
soldering surrounds that can be constructed either by home made
methods or manufactured by a metal fabricator. The space is in a
rather crowded studio set up so it would be good to have something
that is compact rather than large and if possible quiet in operation.
Thank you for any suggestions. It needs to be done quickly so the
simple ideas may be the best… but I am not sure that there is an
easy direct answer!


Marilynn Nicholson, @Marilynn_Nicholson
Taos School of Metalsmithing & Lapidary Design


I have moved my studio and need to install a new ventilation

Might try these guys

I get a few things from here and they are always prompt and
reasonable on shipping. The material is a little rough as it does not
come with cords attached but the prices are good.

And for the window, a box fan of the appropriate size from Wal-Mart
or Kmart


When I needed to improve my ventilation system I contacted a
restaurant supply company here that sells used equipment. I found a
really heavy duty fan that has 1400 CFM [if I remember the figures].
I paid them $500., for the fan and the stainless steel hood. the hood
is 39"x39"x18’". this set up would have cost me over $1000 new. I
still had to have someone put in 10" gal. pipe and hook it up. But
boy, it really takes the fumes out of my enameling room. The fan is
very loud and you have to attach it outside on the end of your
exhaust pipe. It doesn’t sound bad in my space because the fan is
about 45’ away. If it were just outside it would be pretty loud
though. This fan is often used at Laundry Mats as well as

good luck.