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Ventilation and flooring

I recently finished a new studio. I had a concrete slab floor that I
wanted to cover with something resilient (to protect flying stones)
and dark (to help locate flown stones)! Price was an issue, so I
looked for something inexpensive. I chose 1/4" masonite (fiberboard)
tiles. I bought 4’ x 8’ sheets that I cut into 12" x 18" tiles. Then
I pre-finished the tops and sides with a water based polyurethane,
then set in mastic, like a ceramic tile, and grouted with tile grout.
Through a series of “accidents” in the finishing process, the tiles
came out looking like terra cotta…slightly mottled and really good
looking! A very happy accident! Also a very effective floor, both
functionally and economically.

For ventilation, I installed a small 8" exhaust box fan in an upper
hole left in the wall for this purpose. I bought clear flex
ventilation tubing from a woodworking supply catalog that runs across
the ceiling of the shop, with extensions that drop down to each work
station that needs ventilation. At the end of each extension, I put a
blast gate…an opening and closing “door” which I open when I use
it. I installed three switches at the stations where I use need the
ventilation most often, so it is handy to switch the fan on and off
as needed. The draw is perfect…not too strong, but when positioned
accurately, it pulls the fumes right into it. I affixed an arm from a
broken clamp-lamp to the bench top and attached the blast-gate end
of the tube to the arm end where the lamp would have been. It allows
perfect adjustability…pull it close when I need it and push it away
when I don’t.

Details and suppliers available off list if interested.