Velvet boxes

I made copper pendants on sterling silver necks. I put them in these
boxes and about a week later i opened the box and the part of the
chain that was touching the velvet was tarnished! I have never seen
or heard of this. Does anyone know why this happened and how to
prevent it from happening again? Thanks for the help!! Bari

Bari, Well it looks like nobody wants to take this one. I work for a
company that supplies boxes and displays. I am betting that your
complaint involves a box from China. The source of your problem is
either one or both of these things. One issue can be off gassing of
the adhesives used to glue parts of the box together. Or it could be
the use of high sulphur papers in the box. You are suppose to use low
sulphur content papers or else this is what happens. We lost a very
large account to a Chinese manufacture. We have this account for many
years. So we where very disappointed in losing this account. So
needless to say there was not much sympathy when the called us in a
panic that their jewelry was turning black from these new boxes.

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