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Vatican Splendors Exhibit

My husband and I had the oportunity to see the Vatican Splendors
exhibit while it was in St. Petersburg, FL this past spring. It is
currently in Cleveland and will travel to St. Paul at the end of
September. The show consists of art and artifacts that belong to the
Vatican art collection, some of which has never been on display
outside of the Vatican. It is a wonderful experience for anyone
interested in art, jewelry, or history.

Specifically to jewelry there are serveral pieces that will dazzle
you. Several tiaras, rather large affairs that are about 10 to 12
inches tall, studded with jewels, one of which is topped with what
looks to be a 200 carat carved emerald. The emeralds in the
collection are of such great quality you will be amazed. Not to be
missed are the chalices that are encrusted with one to three carat
diamonds, all around the feet no less. There is a whole room
dedicated to these jeweled treasures, which are stunning and worth
seeing if you have the chance.

The rest of the exhibit is quite as impressive. We are not Catholics
but perpetual students of the arts and found it to be very well



You are so right. I have been to the Vatican Museum even waited in
line several hours to get in. One could spend days in there if
they’d let and you’d never see it all. What facinated me was the
availablity of the works especially the very large Egyptian
Sculptures. You can walk right up to them and even around them and
you’d be amazed at how they are carved. The jewelry and hollow ware
was absolutely amazing (where are those skills now?).

So, as Nel has said if you can find a way to visit the Vatican
Splendor exhibit do it.

Jennifer Friedman
Ventura, CA