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Variable air regulator for CP 9361 scribe

A few years ago Paf Dvorak advised me to buy the Chicago CP9361
scribe for hammering thick bezels, that was great advise he also
suggested to buy the regulator what stupid enough I did not do.

I will be in the USA for a month holiday starting June 15 and I
would like to buy the air regulator and if I can find them some
different stylus tips

Paf has not posted anything lately on the forum and his private
email address is not working anymore (the ray, fix it address)

I am looking for the variable air pressure foot pedal version, not
just the switch on and of one, this is a part I had send to Paf:
(and came back anyone has contactdetailse?)

The footpedal from Stuller you use, has that only switch on/off or
is it also variable ? like

they do look only the switch on/of version

and this one the variable one I assume:

is anyone using a foot pedal for there CP 9361 and if so what kind
do you use and were could i find it? I prefer to buy it in a retail
outlet because we travel from town to town. (Nashville, New Orleans,
Savannah, Charleston and the last week New York)


Unfortunately I did not receive a response on this posting from a
week ago, for those we missed it at are able to help me out!? Has
any one Paf Dvorak current contact details?

Message from last week;


Peter, the other email address that I had for Paf:
[notmyname at]

Donna, previously in VA and now living in FL