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Vanity post

I just finished cleaning a really NASTY ultrasonic sent to us for
repair. Please, please, PLEASE if you send your machine off for
repair, whether to us or any one else have the courtesy to at least
wipe the machine down with a wet rag. A good tip: Clean the tank of your
ultrasonic about every 6 months or so with CLR or some other lime
dissolver. Not only will this force (grin) you to clean up the mess
but it will provide a tank without all the lime and crud attached and
the ultrasonic will function better than it did with the dirty tank. A
pair of laytex/poly gloves will save your delicate hands and use a
bit of green or red scotchbrite pot scrubber pad and have at the
tank. Make a solution of about 30/70 up to 50/50 delimer and water and
just gently scrub the crud off the tank. Repeat as necessary until
you can see the tank again (grin) and rinse with clean water. Thanks
for letting me vent here but… (grin)

Mike Fritz
Lone Star Technical Services, The ultrasonic repair guys.

Hmmm. You just reminded me that I should clean out my ultrasonic.
Gee you mean you can’t just let the solution sit with gunk in it

Thanks for the tip.