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[Value] Pink Topaz

Hello to all.

I have a client who owns a pink topaz and wants to sell it. I
need to know what would be the selling price. characteristics aRe:

Shape: oval brilliant cut
measurments: 52.06 * 40.27 * 25.15 mm (L*W*D)
Carat weight: 725.85 cts
color: pink
tone: medium
intensity: high
clarity: near flawless
Proportions : excellent

I would appreciate anyone who could help.

Happy new year

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The first place I would check is House Of Onyx in Greenville
KY. they are honest and fair and they pay in CASH not promises
…and a little tip take it to a retail outlet and say " I would
like to get another stone just like this one how much will it be
" that SHOULD give you 2 fair responses on value or call one of
the pro appraisel firms listed in lap journal…also you might
check with a firm called K+K international I do some business
with KK and he is again honest and able to get odd sizes and
types of material I have seen no where else …hope this
helps,I’m sure many others will say differant things but these
have all worked for ME…contact #s …K+K 1800 9229838 House
Of Onyx 1800 8443100 Ron

suggest two places to call–Richard Drucker at 847 564 0555 or
Josh Hall at 619 728 9121

Natural pink topaz is the most valuable topaz, but the
difficulty is to first figure out if it has been heat treated.
Yellow topaz is heat treated or “pinked” to change the color,
then called “pinked” topaz, about the same value as a common blue