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Value of a diamond faceting machine

Hello everyone!

I know that there are allot of knowledgeable people on Orchid so I
am going to try here first. I have been offered a Coborn direct drive
diamond faceting machine. I know enough about standard stone faceting
to know that there I a base unit with a center cutting wheel. There
are some cutting wheels with it. I know there are two hand pieces and
allot of other pieces. There is about 16 large ziplocs full of parts.
Everything seems to be in good shape. I know that at one point a
machine like this would have cost $7,000 to $10,000. But I do not
know how complete it is. I made this mistake nearly twenty years ago
when I was offered 2 Graves machines with everything you needed for
$300 but did not know that much about faceting and did not know if
they was complete at time.

Please respond to me in private. This is a small world and I would
like to keep this low key.

Thanks in advance!