Valeria Fast - Jewelry Gallery
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Valeria Fast was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

She has a degree in Psychology and Artistic Ceramic from the Escuela Superior de Cerámica Nº1, Buenos Aires Argentina.

In her artistic journey she has studied Art-therapy, Scenery at Colón Theatre, metal enameling, restoration and preservation of ceramic objects and historical heritage, Pate de verre (Glass casting paste). She has also studied Wax modeling and metal casting with the great Artist Antonio Pujia.
She has worked teaching art classes at institutions and at her own studio.

Between 2006 and 2007 she lived in Italy, in Perugia city, were she initiates her studies in Contemporary Jewelry Design, attending several seminars in that country.

In 2008 she begins to study Contemporary Jewelry Design with the Jewelry Designer Maria Medici.

And has since been dedicated to designing and making Contemporary Jewerly

Materials: Sterling silver Dimensions: The band is 0.39” (1cm) width. The squared windowed frame is 1.023” x 0.82” approx. (26mm x 21mm).

Silversmith classical techniques

Photo credit: Damian Wasser

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Botanical series

Materials: Sterling silver
Dimensions: The pendant is 1.6” diameter approx. (4cm)

Casting method

Photo credit: Damián Wasser

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Materials: Sterling silver
Dimensions: the little jail is 4inch (10cm aprox) x 1inch (2cm aprox)

traditional metalsmith.
The ball moves with the movements of the wearer, involving a kinetic and recreational/ play-oriented approach.

Photo credit: Damian Wasser

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