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Valeria Elina Dowding - Jewelry Gallery


Buenos Aires, Argentina

I was always fascinated by modes of expression that can involve most of the senses. Creating jewels opened for me the possibility to combine several things: the exploration of shapes, textures, colors and materials, and the pleasure of discovering their reactions in reply to different possible interventions (made by hand with intention, with tools, with fire; or by accident or chance and impossible to repeat voluntarily). To discover qualities, of hardness, ductility, change of state, textures… is a very magical and sensual exploration. To follow this path until the final result is, in this case, to reach the object-jewel. Anything can act as a trigger; the starting point can be a wave, a map, a constellation, a plant, a sand dune, an axe or an eel... What fascinates me is the process in itself – the act of “making” this object or jewel – independently from the final result. The final result also has something unexpected, surprising and unique for me. I think that maybe because of that they can be called “one-of-a-kind”. Each piece is unique with its particularities, of weight, size, form, texture and colour. It is what makes it natural that each one can correspond or acquire significance when worn by one particular person, almost as if the jewel had been made especially for that person (who chooses it) and not for another.

Materials: Sterling silver, copper (mokume gane) Dimensions: 4cm x 2cm x 1cm

Hand shaped ring of sterling silver and mokume-gane, inspired in the shape of an open wisteria pod. Silver and copper. Forged, laminated and chiselled.

Photo credit: Marcos Zimmermann



Materials: Alpaca with Japanese lacquer
Dimensions: 10cm x 6cm x 1cm

Represents the process of changing emotions, which are combined and transformed from anger to softness and profound luminosity which result from the process of carefully sanding and polishing layer by layer of Japanese lacquer, discovering the emerging shapes and colors.

Photo credit: Marcos Zimmermann



Materials: Sterling silver, copper, alpaca
Dimensions: Length 49cm, diameter of spherical form aprox. 2,5cm

Piñata series. Necklace. Sterling silver, alpaca silver, copper. Fused, laminated, forged, soldered, constructed.

Photo credit: Marcos Zimmermann


In cups

Materials: Ebony, copper, alpaca, Japanese lacquer, string
Dimensions: 8,5cm x 6cm x 0,5cm

Pendant. Wood carving, forged, soldered, constructed. 8,5cm x 6cm x 0,5cm

Photo credit: V. Dowding



Materials: Alpaca with Japanese lacquer
Dimensions: 8,5cm diameter - depth 2cm

Forged and shaped, with part in japanese cashew lacquer. This piece is a wave, encircling and advancing over a clear space -with japanese lacquer- where the focus is a red sun. The rising sun.

Photo credit: V. Dowding


Blowin in the wind

Materials: Sterling silver, copper, alpaca
Dimensions: 5cm x 7cm x 2,5cm (depth)

Brooch-pendant. Forged, oxidized, laminated, fused, riveted.

Photo credit: V. Dowding