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Valentin Yotkov

Yesterday I drove down to Lisa Slovis Mandel’s Studio where Valentin
Yotkov has been teaching a very enthusiastic Workshop. I have known
Valentin for some 12 years now and love his fine work. I know him to
be an outstanding instructor, and was happy to know he was in the
San Diego area.

A few of my friends were students there and I so enjoyed looking at
the work they were doing. Valentin had clearly enhanced their
already great skills and they were all busily tapping away. They
broke for lunch and we were able to spend some chat time. One gal
has been studying with Valentin through seven workshops, and believe
me, her work showed that effort. Chasing and Repousse needs
dedicated study and finesse. I see that clearly in the students at
this workshop. I am so happy that Lisa was able to schedule this.
Hopefully, Valentin will be back.

To those who have not yet had the opportunity to participate in a
Valentin Yotkov Workshop, check his web site for future dates.
Valentin does travel to many locations and also has taken students
to Europe for a combination Workshop and Touring moment in time.
Happily Valentin is building a facility in Bulgaria which will be
offering Workshops and accommodations. Look for that in the coming