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Vacuum pump / tank

 You are so right. My unit has a 6 CFM pump. It is a little
slower than the big units but I installed an old 20 cubic foot
oxygen tank in line with the casting chamber.
I often considered doing this myself. How'd you go about the
nuts and bolts of it Bruce?

Bruce All you have to do is get the plumbing from an air
conditioning supply house or a heating and cooling place. The
easiest way is to run the line from your pump into a Y valve on
top of your tank. Run from the Y valve on to your regular system
for casting. What this does is place a vacuum reserv in line with
the work being done. You do not have to wait for the pump to
pull a vacuum when your ready to go. It will already be there.
More elaborate setups are possible. My system can isolate the
pump from the tank to release pressure on the pump while
maintaining the tanks vacuum. I will try to get a diagram
together so that all can see it. I will just need to send it to
someone else for posting because I have no web sight. RED