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Vacuum guages in Canada?

Can anyone tell me of a source for an inexpensive vacuum guage in
Canada? I went to the local Canadian Tire and they had a kit for over
$100. Surely there is something more affordable out there.

in Waterloo, Ontario

your closest bet is to contact one of the jewellery suppliers in
Toronto the one i deal with is Lacy & Co. Ltd. 291 Yonge St. #301
(across the corner from the Eaton Centre) Toronto, ON M5B 1R3 Phone:
1-800-387-4466 email:

Erhard in Kitchener

Hi, Any Supplier shop/distributor who sells air components such as
air cylinders , air valves etc… will usually carry vaccuum gauges
of a good quality. You should be able to find a supplier in the
telephone book in your area. Hope this helps, Daniel Grandi Racecar
Jewelry Co. Inc.