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Vacuum casting setup in the 1000$ range

For those of you that use a small vacuum casting machine in (3-3.5
cfm, 1/3HP) with perforated flask or solid flask lined with tivac. Do
you find you get adequate results when casting silver, gold or bronze
metal in a small size quantity? I know it would probably cost less to
send it out but it’s something I’m interest in learning/mastering and
I’m looking for a good machine that will help me achieve this goal.

I’m not looking for a debate on the types of casting as I have
already set my mind. I’m just looking for input on what machine is


I’ve about retired now, but I’ve been casting for well over 30
years, more often with a vacuum setup than centrifical, having bought
my first Neycraft around the mid 70s. I think…the memory is fading
a bit:) For the past 20 years I’ve mostly cast (about twice a week)
with a crude homemade setup after purchasing a “quality”, expensive
casting table back in the seventies and deciding somewhere along the
line to build my own. Seems little difference with either but find
that the experience and making and correcting the hundreds of
"mistakes" over the years is what gives good… almost perfect casts
in both trees filled with a hundred units or one small filigree ring
in a 2 inch flask, not to mention having done very thick castings as
well. Like most things, its not the vehicle so much as the

Although they have different approaches to achieve high
quality…good castings in sterling, bronze, and all different
karats of gold can be accomplished with proper technique on most any
"machine" steam to vacuum. Heck, I even read about ancients slinging
a flask on a rope!

For the record, it probably took me 8 years to get fairly good at it
and another 15 or so to tidy up the minor flaws. By golly, I
probably should have apprenticed and saved all that hard
work…hindsight… Good luck to you!