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Vacuum casting machine choice?

Ok for my first try at posting a question after having actively been
reading the forum post for the last year or so.

I’m looking into buying a casting machine this summer and I’m
looking for advice between a few different choices. I have a
centrifugal caster with a number of flasks and really need a way to
vacuum my investment.

I was wondering if I should go with a table top style vacuum machine
like the vac-u-cast junior through stuller

or the T3 vacuum casting machine

or would I be better of getting a machine that also allows for
perforated flasks like the Pepe tools EZ-cast

what would I gain or loose by going one way or the other?


Hi Don,

I was faced with the same set of choices a few years ago when I
purchased Casting equipment. I note that the price range on the
pieces of equipment are in about a one hundred dollar range, so the
(new)prices are essentially similar. All of the choices listed use
the same size bell jar for investing. The eze cast from pepe will
allow you to use perforated flasks for casting large castings or
trees with many patterns. The perforated flask eliminates the need
to create a vacuum gallery close to the models (3/8" to enhance
vacuum pull) with wax rods or a perforated tivec sleeve.The welded
pressure can that accepts perforated flasks on the pepe machine is
5.5 inches in diameter and seven inches deep and will accommodate a
five by seven inch flask. The perforated flask adapters supplied with
the pepe machine accommodate 3 3/8 'and 4" diameter flasks in
addition to a flat plate with a hole for vacuum casting solid wall
flasks. That’s a lot of extra versatility for about a hundred bucks.
Draw backs to the pepe include a steel jiggle table that’s prone to
rust if left unoiled and it will need a better air filter that the
one supplied to protect the vacuum pump from investment spillage
during investing or flask blowout during casting. Flanged perforated
flasks take up a lot of room in the kiln ; is your kiln large enough
to take advantage of the new capacity? Also consider a computer
controller for your kiln if you don’t own one and eliminate kiln
watching as a preoccupation. By the way I still use a centrifuge to
cast flasks where I want to skimp on button metal. Before you buy
check out Auction sites for lightly used equipment being sold by
hobbyists. You may be able to pick up equipment with a lot of extras
like wax, flasks, tongs etcetera for a smaller price tag. I look for
buy it now prices and try and avoid bidding wars. Oh I chose the pepe
by the way and am still happy about it although after five years the
vacuum pump is getting a bit tired. I probably should change the oil

Michael Edwards
Flying M Designs

I would also like to suggest the 22-1150… unit… by Stuller, Inc.

Andy “The Tool Guy” Kroungold