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Vacuum caster

Hello Alma. My set-up uses a Rey Vacucast because I wanted the
option down the road to vacuum cast with an Electromelt perhaps.
However, I use the spin-caster so far. No problems with either over
a 20 year span. I use the Vacucast only for investing.

It is absolutely true that you can fuse a crucible to the flask with
too much metal. Another person where I teach used to operate on the
assumption that more is better (NOT) and added “extra” metal for
insurance many times or didn’t weigh the models and calculate
accurately. It is also possible to forget to make note of the
capacity for those crucibles - both in silver and in gold. At any
rate, losing a crucible to breakage is bad enough, but the enormous
time it takes to grind away all that spilled metal isn’t funny.
Also, if it spills out the sides and you see molten metal flying
around in there, you won’t like it either. Morale of the story -
calculate the metal needs very carefully and check it twice. Know
the capacity of crucible and do not exceed it. Check the fit of
every flask you place in it. Certain flasks are intended for the
Neycraft diameters - don’t use just any old thing.

That Neycraft spincaster is very efficient and long-lived when used
with respect. It is also wonderfully safe and was developed for that
reason and is used in our teaching facility for that reason. The
big ones with deep tubs and lids may look safer, but I don’t believe
you’ll need more safety than the Neycraft provides. I’ve never had
a complaint or problem with mine.

Best of luck in your casting. Enjoy it as much as I do.
Pat Hicks

Pat, Do you use your electromelt with your ney?I quit using my
electromelt after talking to Daniel Sprier (Race Car Jewelry).He said
that they do not measure the temp of the metal accurately enough and
this can lead to many problems in your casts.I have since started
using my torch to melt again and can judge the correct casting temp
by the look of the metal and have achieved better casts.
regards J Morley Coyote Ridge Studio

I have been vacuum casting using the Handy Melt furnace since 1973.
The temperature gage of the Handy Melt may not indicate the actual
metal temperature but for a set gage reading the metal will always
be the same temperature. Once you have determined what the gage
should read for proper melt temperature the following melt
temperatures will be consistant. the problem with the Handy Melt if
that the upper portion of the cruicible does not reach pouring
temperature at the same time the metal reached pouring temperature.
This problem is more pronounced is you use casting pellets rather
that scrap sheet. The pellets melt faster that the sheet scrap does
therefore the upper portion of the cruicible will not be hot enough
which will cool the metal as it is poured. This condition will
cause the pour temperature of the metal to vary. I let the metal and
cruicible soak at the casting temperature for about 5 minutes after
the gage indicated the temperature you which to pour at. This
allows the upper ring of the cruicible to heat up. I think the Handy
Melt provides a more consistant metal temperature than the visual
method can. My 2 cents worth. Good luck in all your castings.

Lee Epeprson

Hi, It’s Daniel Grandi From Racecar Jewelry Co. ( not Daniel Sprier )

Pictures of our old shop using a microphone stand to hold the torch
can be seen at this web address: Follow each link at the
botom of each page to get to the next group of pictures. Daniel

We do casting, finishing and a whole lot more for designers, stores
and people in the trade. contact:

J Morley,

The electromelt CAN accurately measure the metal temp. If for some
reason it is not, it needs to be calibrated.

If you think your eye can measure the temp more accurately than an
electronic device ( and this is what Daniel seems to be saying) then
your eye is one of a kind.

You can get close to the right temp by using your eye but never

An electromelt when properly calibrated can get the temp right each
time. If you have problems using the electromelt give someone a
call, like me, who knows how to solve the problem properly.

I quit using my electromelt after talking to Daniel Sprier
(Race Car Jewelry). He said that they do not measure the temp of
the metal accurately

Ken Kotoski
MPG Repair

I quit using my electromelt...*snip*...they do not measure the
temp of the metal accurately enough and this can lead to many
problems in your casts.

I have not experienced this. For some reason, you have to add 50F
to the readout on the Electromelt. I don’t understand why they make
them that way. If you compensate, though, everything works

Dana Carlson

For J. Morley:

Hi. You missed the meaning of my perhaps awkwardly written
sentence. Was saying that I chose the one-piece vacucast in case I
wanted to go with electromelt sometime in the future. I do not have
one, and always use the torch both at school and in my home shop.
But, I don’t regret my choice - this vacucast is neat and compact
and easy to keep clean. Would do it again. Can see Dan Grandi’s
point though and torches are the best where you can use them. But
the electromelt may be essential for some people in a building where
torches are not allowed or advisable. Landlord trouble, etc.

Thanks for asking. All the best to you.