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Vaccuum casting machines and cold enamel

Dear People at Orchid,Hello my name is Graeme Park and I’ve just
joined the list or at least I think I have- I’m a complete computer
idiot at present. Anyway, I’m originally from New Zealand but at
present I live in Amsterdam. Basically I’ve been fiddling around for a
few years making models (and getting them cast for me), of jewellery
and small statues based on medieval/rennaissance designs. I’m trying
to create a business out of it and may have found myself a good client
who can take all I can make-it’s not 100% definite as yet. I was
wanting to ask the list if they know of good brand of vaccuum casting
machine- not too expensive but reliable, easy to use. Also I was
wondering if anybody knows of a good brand of cold- enamel that has a
good hardness and scratch resistance and can be used on 3-D surfaces .
I would love to be swamped with at this point in time so I
can make some plans etc. Well, I’ll tell you more about myself at a
later date. I hope I’m in the right place to get lots of information
and also to share my passion for gold, silver ,stones design
,curiosities and also commercial interests. Yours Graeme Park