UV/Heat tolerant jewelry displays

Hi all, Was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a display
source, or anyother ideas for that matter. We have a south facing
showroom with lots of glass. front atrium, skylights…great for
natural light… and we compensated for heat with proper A/C. Which
runs in the winter… heat bill $0…showroom stays comfy.

However, the pleather typical jewelry displays get ruined very
quickly. We’ve a couple of metal racks, lots of glass blocks and
shelving… but are in need of wood or metal alloy individual
displays that would suit for the typical jewelry arrangements. I
recently saw Kassoy had some lucite and acrylics but was wondering
if anyone has seen any other sources or had any ideas that might help
us out.

Thanx in advance.
Scott Doolin

We have a man in our studio that spent mant years building displays
for Federated etc. His name is Steve Graves and you can email him
here at Blue Buddha Studios. [contact offline].