USPS Screening - Effects on Sapphire

Does anyone know if natural violet/lavendar sapphires are safe to
ship by US Mail or is there a risk of color change with these
stones? I just received some topaz through the US mail, which
definitely appears not to be the color they were when the package was
shipped (now a shade of brown)… I’m concerned because I shipped a
ring with natural violet sapphires by registered mail and since
receiving the topaz today, I’m a little worried about the ring I
shipped out.


This should not be a concern with Sapphire. Although Sapphire is
sometimes Irradiated to change the color, it is not know to be a
permanent color change as far as I am aware and I believe it would
have little to no effect on Purple Sapphire.

As for Topaz, this gemstone is know to be Irradiated, heated and a
combination of the two in order to produce the different shades of
blue. This is a permanent treatment.

Good Luck
Greg DeMark
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