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Using yellow ochre

If you should not place a piece that you used yellow ochre on into
the pickle pot, they how should you remove the yellow ochre before
you place the item in the pot?


Steve- Yellow ochre won’t hurt your pickle like say steel will.
It’ll just make it dirty. Just clean the piece in hot water or the
sonic and steam it before you pickle.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.
Jo Haemer

Quench the piece in water, then wash with dishwashing liquid or
similar and a soft, old toothbrush before putting it in the pickle.

You still may have a slight pinkish residue, but the worst of the
yellow ochre will be gone.

Good luck
Jane Walker

OK, I must have missed something or some post Re: yellow ochre and
pickle. When I’ve had to use yellow ochre, I have always placed the
piece in pickle to remove the y.o and flux, etc.

Is there some health or safety reason for not doing so? If so, or if
one prefers not to pickle the piece, ochre and flux can be removed by
boiling the piece in a strong (saturated) solution of baking soda.
Works fine, too.

Linda Kaye-Moses

after many years I have switched to white out… works just as well
and cleans up much easier…

Vernon Wilson

Is there some health or safety reason for not doing so? 

Nope. just tends to be messy… Do it often and your pickle starts
to look like a toilet…