Using wax for etching resist?

Hi everyone. In my ongoing quest for the kind of resist I can use to
create many detailed designs quickly, one of my fellow jewelers
suggested using wax. I figured I would tap into this community’s
knowledge before I make myself crazy. Does anyone use wax as a
resist when working with silver doing etching in ferric nitrate?
What I am finding is that the nitrate eats all of my paint pens and
causes serious pitting. I am tired of ruining perfectly good pieces
of silver, and while I wait for my nail polish pen to arrive for my
next test, I thought I should ask if anyone uses wax or any other
unconventional resist to work their deigns in silver.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Dani-- I haven’t used ferric nitrate, but I find that etching my
silver sheet for a brief time (like 1 minute in nitric acid) allows
any resist to “cling” better. Maybe this will help. Incidentally,
potters use a liquid wax resist for glazing, which would be a
convenient form, but I can’t help but think it would bead up or pop
off. Good luck! Noel