Using transparent enamels on Argentium?


I have had better luck with transparent enamels on 970 Argentium
than I did on traditional Argentium. But not good on every color I
tried. Also, I had to melt and pour the 970 ingot, then roll out the
sheet and wire, because I couldn’t find milled 970. All-in-all,
mediocre results and too much work. Ran out of time experimenting and
have gone back to fine silver.

p.s. Need to add that I torch enamel, so your mileage may vary.

Argentium 970 is currently sold in grain and only from this one
dealer, G&S Metals 

I just spoke with them and asked why they do not offer it in sheet
and other forms. The answer was they have not had the request for
offering it. I explained the interest of enamelist. And was told they
have a blog on the home page top left. They would be happy to listen.
So enamelist here is an opportunity. blog
away! I will purchase the grain and start some testing for plique a
jour. I do not see a need for cloisonne as fine silver is great. But
it would also be a good metal for vessels.

Happy Enamels

Patsy Croft