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Using stainless steel shot on Turqoise


Using stainless steel shot and soapy water on turquoise may work
well if the turquoise is stabilized, as the turquoise is then
well impregnated with acrylic plastic, and is both hard and
non-porous as a result. If the turquoise is untreated, it is
softer and absorbs water readily. Soapy water can discolor it
permanently, I have seen this first-hand. You might want to
make sure that the turquoise you are using is stabilized before
trying this.



Lee, Thank you, that is totally correct. I should have mentioned
that. The cost of the nuggets I used were such that they had to
have been stabilized. Basically all my personal major squash and
heishi are natural. Stabilized turns me off, but when worked into
a fine silver chain and clearly identified as such, they are
saleable. Teresa