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Using modified square mandrels


i just received two new mandrels one rounded square and one of the
rounded modified square “finger shaped” ones, now as they are
unmarked how do i make it to the size i want? i have only ever made
round ones, so i thought i would make two rings just to try them,
now i bent the metal around the mandrels and kept checking the size
against the round one, once it was all formed i soldered it and when
i checked it against the round one it was over one size smaller, now
i know they are a different shape so it should have been a size 7
but ended up a size 6 so with them being square the finger would
fill out the corners ? how do i mesure it so i have the size i want
as i only have a round mandrel to check the size against


Try using real fingers to test it. Size a finger with a standard
ring sizer, then put that same finger into the square ring. now you
have a way to get square finger sizes. I would check it against a
bunch of different size fingers to come up with the most accurate
ratio (conversion). Then mark your new mandrel with those new sizes.
Good luck. let me know how it works out.


Maybe this will get me some more enlightenment but here I go again,
shooting from the hip. Or lip, perhaps.

I had a thought while reading Jason’s question. Would a different
approach work here? Cut the material the length required for standard
round ring of specified size bu shape it on a squared mandrel?

Pam Chott

The finger shaped soft square mandrel is my favorite. I measure the
finger first with the sizer ring set, then I slide the correct sizer
ring on to a round, size-marked mandrel and use that round size to
mark my metal strip and for initial shaping after soldering the band.
After I’m sure that the size is right, I move the round band to the
soft square mandrel and finish shaping. Although it seems like an
extra step in there, I haven’t problems with fit this way.

Donna in VA

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