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Using methyl hydrate in flux


Can I use methyl hydrate in place of dentured alcohol with my boric

I live in Vancouver, Canada and can’t find dentured alcohol anymore.
Rona hardware suggested I could use methyl hydrate. Is that correct
or should I use something else? Thank you to everyone who shares
their knowledge here. Nancy



Try “Home Hardware” or even “Shoppers Drug” stores. I was looking
for the same liquids while in the north Seattle area. nothing! Some
folks haven’t even heard of this stuff. I, in Toronto find it’s quite
easy to buy.

Even the local tool houses store them. try “Lacy-West” for a start!

Gerry Lewy

Can I use methyl hydrate in place of dentured alcohol with my
boric acid? 

Methyl hydrate, aka methanol, aka methyl spirits, aka wood alcohol,
aka methyl alcohol, should work. It’s sometimes sold as shellac
thinner or stove fuel, and is often used to denature alcohol. The
Canadian denaturing methods are listed here:

Al Balmer


Methanol is actually much better at dissolving boric acid than
ethanol (the main component of denatured alcohol) Its main drawback
is ist is a more toxic substance. So keep it off your skin and have
good ventilation and it should be no problem. Or if you prefer
denatured alcohol cross the border to Bellingham and buy it at the
local hardware stores or big box home stores.

James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts


You will find denatured alcohol in marine supply stores, since many
small yachts use it a fuel in their galley stoves.



Methanol can also be gotten from racing enthusiasts, or the shops
that serve those enthusiasts. It is used to fuel every thing from
model cars and planes to drag racers. I also found it was cheaper
from the racing community than the “big box” stores!

I live in Vancouver, Canada and can't find dentured alcohol

Denatured alcohol is used only because it’s not taxed as high as
non-denatured alcohol.

Ethel alcohol will work just fine. Can’t you just distill some
there? I know it’s still illegal here in the states to make your own
alcohol but surely to God it’s not illegal in the Great White North?

Paf Dvorak