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Using laser learning curve

Hello; my employer bought a laserstar a few years ago and he and
another trained on it as per your purchase agreement I really want to
learn from someone who trains not just someone who operates, how much
is the training and how long does it take?


$150 two day class. Pretty introductory level, 1 & 2, but I found
the instructors quite willing to work with more experienced
operators during the class. My employer, at that time, and my shop
foreman, who took the class with me, and I all felt it was money and
time well spent, even though we had a couple years experience
already. Even though the shop did not own a pulse shaping laser, what
we learned was very helpful. We took several problem jobs that we
had been struggling with to this class, and the instructors worked
with us to find solutions.

I would like to see a much more advanced level of training offered.