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Using Gemesis stones

Good morning everybody. On Monday Nov 8, in the Sarasota Herald
Tribune’s Business section, there was a two page spread about “the
rock”, Gemesis cultured diamonds put to retail test. As you know,
Gemesis manufactures its cultured diamonds here in Sarasota, Fl.

There are a couple of pictures showing a tennis bracelet, a three
stone ring, earrings, and a pendant using the deep yellow color
diamonds. These diamonds are being sold here locally at Shrodes
Jewelers. The article says Gemesis has about 35 retail partners
nationally, plus a handful of wholesalers that buy the man-made

The article states that Gemesis has a "Keystone Plus Program, where
retailers pay $25,000 in an intial buy-in to be a “premier” Gemesis
retailer, then are required to have minimum re-orders of $25,000
annually. This deal gives retailers esclusivity for a year in a 20
mile radius. It further states that while it does not want to build
a direct retail business itself, it is launching a program to
persuade jewelry designers to start using Gemesis stones.

If anyone is interested in the entire article, I’ll be happy to scan
it and send you a copy.

Just let me know.

Kay, I would be interested in the article. Thanks, Alain