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Using Fray Check On Pearl Knots

Neda Nassirri

Your idea of using Fray Check on pearl knots is wonderful. I do have
a suggestion for you regarding the neat flow of Fray Check onto the
knot. Squeeze a small amount of Fray Check onto a nonabsorbent surface
then use a very thin wire and dip it into the pool of the liquid. This
action will pick up a droplet of glue that is the perfect size to
place into the knot or any small area to be glued. For the orchid
members who do not sew, Fray Check is a fabric glue that is used on
button holes before they are cut or on a serged corner (like on a
napkin) to keep these areas from unraveling. It can be found at most
fabric stores.

Cathy Wheless

You might also use a toothpick to pick up a tiny amount of the glue.
This also works very well with epoxy or crazy glue. Sandra

I found a bottle and have now used it on a pearl bracelet. Although I
couldn’t find about the liquid, it sure smelled and acted
like an acrylic medium. If someone is hunting for it, I think that
any brand acrylic medium from an art supply place would work the same.