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Using electric soldering machine for tack welding


I think I could use a tack welder to make some of my assembly work a
little easier. I haven’t seen one work so I won’t spend the money
because I’ve bought high priced gadgets in the past and have been
disappointed. I’ve tried to use my electric soldering machine with
limited success. Has anybody out there converted a soldering machine
to a tack welder or has anyone had any success using the machine as
is for the same purpose? If so, I am sure there are others who would
be happy to learn of a proceedure that works well.

R Hood


I use the german spotwelder of Lampert Werktechnik GmbH. It is an
electric welder that pulls back the tip and this way prevents it from
sticking to the metal. They have a website I took a
big risk with the welder as it was new on the market, but it payed
out. I use it for tacking together and repairs as well. Obviosly it
is best on gold or Platinum but it works satisfactory on silver.