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Using copper

I made a pendant with copper on its face. I want the color of the
copper reddish (oxidized). I plan to let it oxidize on its own (it
has a silver backing). The problem is that it has no sheen or light
reflection as it oxidizes. Should I use a wax to shine it?

J. S. Ellington

Use a little paste wax… or even polyurethane, or nailpolish…
they all seal in the color and produce shine.  My patina copper
pieces look great when I use a sealant.

For my copper/silver Mokume pieces, I have started using clear
plastikote to preserve the color. You can buy it in an autoparts
store–it is used to touch up the clear coat on cars when they have
been scratched. I tried using nail polish, and found that it was
not durable enough, it also often yellowed with time. The
Plastikote seems to be more durable, but it looks best if you apply
several thin coats. If you use thick coats, it’s presence is pretty

Hope that helps!
Andrea L. McLester