Using a patina on Argentium

I was wondering if anyone else had experienced some difficulty
getting an even patina on Argentium Silver. I have tried several
times using both (separately) Jax Black & Liver of Sulphur
concentrated gel. What seems to happen is that the patina looks
solid. I put it into the ultrasonic and then when I take it out,
there are bare patches almost as if it’s peeled off.

I was under the impression that once the patina had been set that it
was standard practice to put it into the ultrasonic. Maybe that is
the problem in itself, although I have seen colleagues do this with
regular silver/gold and not have the same problem.

I know that if done properly Argentium does patina quite well, I’m
just not getting those consistent types of results right now. Any
suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Jennifer Wolfe

Jennifer- Do not sonic oxidized silver. The black will come off. I
learned from my friends Jack and Lizzie at Zaffiro to rinse with
water and place in a tumbler with stainless shot and tumbler soap. It
burnishes the oxidation into the surface and makes for a very durable

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.
Jo Haemer

Hi Jennifer,

I agree that at least part of the problem may be the use of the

Are you polishing after applying the patina? If so, then it is
understandable that you are using the ultrasonic. In any case, a
flaking patina usually means that the solution was too strong. I
suggest that you use a weaker patina solution—dilute with distilled
water. I hope this helps! Please do let me know what you figure out.

Cynthia Eid