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Using a combination of silver

Frank; I am not sure exactly what you are looking for in the way of
working with “Rocks and Silver” but I do some silver work, ( just
learning how,) I just got to the point that I can spell it with out
falling down, (Grin) but I do a lot with LITHIC Rocks. I am a flint
knapper and I am experimenting with that art and trying to combine
the two into some thing resembling art. I would like to have your
input into that area…

Are you trying to combine shapes of metal or wire into the wood or
rock? Standard inlay methods of wire inlay would work for both the
wood and the rock but be aware that silver tarnishes and you may find
that you have a black metal against the rock or wood instead of the
shiny silver that you envisioned.

Marilyn Smith