Using 24K bezels

I was wondering if one could use 24K gold for bezels or is it too
soft? If 24K can be used, what gauge would be the best? I have a 24K.
gold maple leaf coin which I have been cutting pieces off of to roll
out for keum boo. The thought occurred to me that perhaps I could
roll out a bezel strip… I just priced some 18K and 22K bezel stock
and was flabergasted at the price and decided perhaps I could make my
own out of 24K.

Ideally I know that the 24K should be alloyed down to 18K or 22K,
but doubt that I want to get into anything that labor intensive, and
would be delighted if I could use the 24K.

Thanks Alma.

certainly, but it’s soft so its best for earrings, a pendant or
brooch that won’t get knocked or rubbed against harder surfaces as
often as a ring or bracelet would.Additionally set the bezel just
below the level of an outer frame or railing of sorts to add a mm or
so of protection( whatever your design dictates). Ensure that the
stone or coin as you mentioned, is set with zero tolerance for
movement and that the bezel strip is at the proper height so as not
to cover too much of whatever you’re setting,yet to have enough to
hold it firmly…and burnish it around the piece until you become
quite exhausted at the prospect of going round even once more!

I have used 24kt on the outside of a bezel setting for colour with an
inner collar or bearing of an alloy for strength…works quite well.
(and in your case will stretch the small amount of coinage you have
left even farther.


I occasionally use 24k bezels (actually I’m working on a piece now
using four of them) and I don’t see any issue with it. It’s
particularly nice for fragile stones like opals.

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