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Uses for an airbrush size air compressor

I got a little airbrush air compressor for nothing at a garage sale
and I am trying to think of how it could be used in my studio.

One thought I had was to make a paste solder applicator for the
syringes since the paste solder i use is hard to depress for my
hands. Can anyone offer me the instructions how to set this up?

Also, any other ideas for this little compressor?


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Hi Margaret:

I use one to pressurize my wax injector. I’ve got it on a foot-
activated switch, so it only comes on when I stomp on it. I’ve got a
very small hole in the airline, so it bleeds down to nothing in about
30 seconds. In use, I can vary the pressure on the injector for each
mold, without having to use my hands. I just stomp on the switch,
pump it up to whatever pressure I need, and shoot the mold. By the
time I’ve got the next one ready, it’s dropped below where I need it,
so I just pump it up to wherever, and go again. Very handy.

Brian Meek.

brian - foot switch activated wax injector pump, that is a great idea
would it be too much trouble for you if i asked you for a part number
or source on that switch i am using a pump like you use it would be
fabulous to up grade


I use a small compressor to blow a stream of air across sheet silver
when I am piercing it with a saw; keeps the filings away from the
line which I am trying to follow. I fed a small piece of surgical
tubing from the compressor to a section of brass tubing which is in
turn held by a machinists height gauge thus allowing me to direct
the air stream. The compressor itself is powered on and off at will
by a foot actuated switch. Work great.


Hi Goo:

I frankensteined a dead foredom foot pedal. Ripped the guts out,
replaced them with a momentary on switch. I burned it out at a
workshop at school last month, so I’m re-doing it with a better
switch. I can take pix if you’d like. You can also get momentary-on
footswitches from places like Enco and MSC too. Woodworkers like
them for their drill-presses & etc.


Note From Ganoksin Staff:
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