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Useful Stats

Hello all, I was at the Cincinnati Public Library yesterday to gather
up usual for my job search and came across what I would
consider an invaluable source for those who want to know what the
consumer demands may be for the holiday of 2001.

It is a small addendum by the National Jewelers publication,
Superseller Research-General Merchandising Holiday 2001. It contains
pages of useful stats such as what price range a percentage of
consumer are willing to spend for a particular jewelry item and so
on. For example, the first question was " What is the combined amount
you plan to spend on non-bridal fine jewelry for the upcoming holiday
season?" Turns out 43% are willing to spend less than $100, 24% from
$100-$199 and so forth. I hope this will help some of you plan
accordingly if need be.

Warmest regards,

Daniel Biery - Esoteric Artist/ Craftsman/
Master Goldsmith/ Industrial Designer/
AWI Certified Watchmaker