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Used videos and equipment


Jewelry Work You Can Do- Tape 1
Hooking Up Gas to Tank and Regulator
Hooking Up Oxygen to Tank and Regulator
Hooking Up Torch to Hoses
Lighting, Adjusting and Regulating Your Torch
Mixing Your Boric Acid And Alcohol
Explanation and Reasons for Using Boric Acid on Your Jewelry Work
Just for Practice with Your Torch Making a Penny Bracelet
Explanation of your Flux and How to Use It
Mixing and Using Your Pickling Compound
Ploishing Your Penny Bracelet
Assembling a Ladies 6-Post Head and Shank
Assembling a Ladies 4-Post Head and Tiffany Shank
Cleaning and Dressing Out the Two Rings for Polishing
Introduction to Various Things Used to Poslish Jewelry
The Actual Polishing Steps Shown and Explained

Jewelry Work You Can Do - Tape 2
Cleaning the Jewelry After Polishing
Explanation of Protecting Stones From the Heat
Sizing Rings Smaller
Annealing of Metals and Why
Finding Where a Ring Has Been Sized Before
Sizing Rings Larger
A Surprise Break in the Shank to Repair
Dressing Out Your Sizing Fro Polishing
Putting a Piece into a Ring in a Different Way
Half Shanking a Ring
Dressing OUt the Half Shank Job to Polish
Stretching a Wedding Band on a Stretching Machine
Reducing a Ring on the Stretching Machine
Putting a Peg Head Onto a Wedding Band

Jewelry Work You Can Do - Tape 3
Putting Post onto a Pierced Earring
Putting a Bail onto a Pendant
Replacing Head on a Ladies Single Stone Ring
Retipping Prongs on a 4-Post head
Dressing Out the Retipping
Retipping Prongs on a Gents 7-Stone Cluster Ring
Putting a Head onto a “V” Herringbone Chain
Shortening a Herringbone Chain
Repairing a Broken Herringbone Chain
Cobra Chain Repair Discussed
Putting a Bezel onto a Ladies Ring
Sizing a Large Gents Class Ring Smaller
Protecting the Stone From the Heat
Replacing the Intended Oxidation in a Class Ring
Replacing a Head in a Ladies Diamond and Sapphire Ring

Jewelry Work You Can Do - Tape 4
Making Your Own Jump Rings
Getting the Dent Out of a Bangle Bracelet
Taking the End Off a Bangle Bracelet
Making a Catch Work Better
Removing a Hinge Pin from Bracelet
Shortening a Omega 14K Mesh Watch Band
Repairing a Hollow Rope Chain-Two Ways
Changing a Jump Ring on a Hollow Ball Without having a Hole Blow Out of
Replacing Prong ina 7 Stone Cluster
Replacing the Stone into the 7 Stone Cluster
Repairing a Worn Pendant Bail With an Opal in the Pendant
Drilling a Hole into a Pearl
Repairing Tube and Hinge on a Diamond Watch Band
Getting a Solid Soldered Hinge Free

Jewelry Work You Can Do - Tape 5
Starting of Stone Setting
Setting Your First Stone into a 4-Post Head using 90 Degree Bearing
Cutting Bur
How to Remove a Head From a Ring
Setting a 6 Prong Head with 90 Degree Bearing Cutting Bur
Setting Stone Using the Stone Setting Bur
Setting a Stone into a Ring Made Especially for the Stone Setting Bur
Setting a Small Diamond with a Hart Bur
Setting a 6-Prong Earring with a 90 Degree Dearing Bur
A Methond of Practicing Cutting Seats to Kepp From Ruining a Lot of Gold
Setting a Stone into a Gypsy Ring
Setting a Channel Set Ring

Jewelry Work You Can Do - Tape 6
Setting Baker Top or Illusing Setting
Using Flake Shellac to Hold Your Work
Using the Stone Setting Bur and an Undercut Seat to Set the Stone into
lthe Illusion Setting
Using the Flat Graver to Cut the Prongs Over onto the Stone in the
Illusion Setting
Using a Round Bur to Set a Small Stone in the Illusion Setting
Florentine Finishing
The Mizzy Wheel Finish
Setting Heart Pendant with a Hart Bur
Setting a Stone in the Bezel Ring Shown Earlier
Setting a Stone in a Peg Head with Pre-cut Seats
Setting Large Oval Opal into a Pendant
Setting an Emerald into a Diamond Ring
The Hydrogen Torch Shown and Used
The “Little Torch” Shown
Setting a 6-Prong Head with a Stone Setting Bur
Setting Baguette and Marquise Stone

Those videos were purchased from Swest for $39.95 each I will sell them
for $20.00 each or the whole set for $100.00.
Jewelry Making Through Casting
Covers Centifical and Vaccum Casting + - 2Hrs. My cost $39.95 will sell
it for $20.00.

Used Equipment:
Since the post I sold most of the suplus equipment to some of my
employees I still have a long arm Centrifical Caster that is mounted in
a home made enclosure (55 gal. metal drum) will sell it with all the
extra cruicibles and flasks most of them are small all for $125.00.

In the near future I will be moving my shop in a new location and I will
probably have more equipment for sale.
Thank you very much.

Zarko Todorov
Encore Jewelry

Zarko: if you only got an offer on one or two would it be
possible to tell them that you had an offer on the whole set? I
hope these are good videos by the way, anyway hope they’re still

Art Jewelry for Conscious People

Zarko: just making sure you got my email offer to buy ALL the
videos, sometimes this email stuff doesn’t get through. Hope they
are all still available…Dave

Art Jewelry for Conscious People