Use of asbestos in jewellery making

About 8 years ago, i built a plant that did Large scale
electroforming and i had to take a refresher course in plant
safety… chemicals etc… One of the subjects we covered was
asbestos. What apparently never gets mentioned about Asbestos is
that there is about 180 types of asbestos and I was told that in
reality, there were only one or 2 types that were Dangerous.This
might explain why some people are around asbestos and never have
a problem. I was explained that there are 2 lengths of asbestos
fibers… (we are actually talking about fibers that are too
small to see with the eye) a long fiber… and a short fiber.
The apparently Dangerous culprit is the short one! Perhaps some
other orchidites could back up this statement and actually tell
us which material is in fact dangerous. Is it soldering
board…House shingles(also some made of asbestos) Insulation
material…etc. just my Dollars woth. Daniel Grandi

Talking against Asbestos safety is like talking against
motherhood, the flag and apple pie. The Asbestos elimination
programs are probably the most wasteful, costly and sometimes
even a hazard builder ever. It is true that Asbestos and similar
very small fibres cause lung problems. The link is very strong
with smokers. The people that have realy been affected were
asbestos miners and processors as an occupation. The same goes
for coal miners with "black "lung. Exposure to small quantities
of the fibre especialy when not grinding it up into dust is less
of a risk than baby powder. The risk to fibreglass workers may
be similar where dust is produced by grinding. You won’t be able
to buy asbestos containing products in the US and probably all
northern Europe anyway. Jesse