USB ditigal photos and IMACS

Hello and Happy 2000!

I have a really great digital photo set up at home. I also work
as a graphic designer so my set up at home has to be pretty high
end for graphics work. With the new IMAC G3s and the G4 I was
able to set up an excellent digital photo set up at home.

I bought the Kodak DC260 Zoom camera (expensive but worth every
dime it cost about $800) then I bought a micro lens to go with
the camera. The Camera is USB. The quality of the photos is far
superior to ANYTHING else I have seen. I can create 8" X 10"
full color high resolution photos. One of my customes thougth
all of pictures was taken with a 4 X 5 still camera as opposed
to a digital camera.

My computer (cost $1,300) printer (epson color 740 $200) camera
($800) all together cost me under $3000 once you include all the
incidentals (zip and disc drives…) Also being able to do it all
myself gets work out there faster so my clients and potential
new customers can see my work.
boy do I love my computer!